About Us

We are not here to debate the merits of liberalism and conservatism.

We are not here to quibble over the finer points of policy or party platforms.

We are not here to assert the validity of any one political point of view.

We are here to unite those who understand that America is an idea that has not yet fully achieved its full potential and who believe that the urgent priority of now is to protect that idea so it can survive this dark and threatening period in American history.

The truth is, we can’t wait to engage in the activities of debate, but that can only happen in a thriving democracy where party members come to that debate in good faith. And good faith means belief in and defense of the big idea of America, a country where everyone has the opportunity to achieve a better way of life.

If we don’t prioritize unity and positive action now, there is no guarantee of productive debate in the future.

Positive Change For Everyone welcomes the good-faith diverse and passionate voices across the American political spectrum. Democrat, (never-T) Republican, Independent, Progressive, Moderate, Conservative – what have you! No matter your color, gender identity, religious beliefs, or sexuality, each voice has immense value and has the right to be heard (thanks to our precious freedom of speech).

Just think of the power that emerges when all of our diverse voices join together, singing the same tune. We can make a noise loud enough to drown out the hate, violence, lies, and bad-faith actors threatening the big idea of America. The silent majority can be silent no more.

Take a look at the members of this coalition. If you have a group that wants to add its unique voice, tell us about it. If you’re an individual looking to make a difference, send us a message.

Now is not the time for hand-wringing, doom scrolling, or worst of all, doing nothing. It’s time to take positive action today so we can all see a better tomorrow.



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